Making Pinterest projects our personal mission.

We are an interesting group of individuals. As a family of mostly women, all of us creatively bent, over the years we’ve found outlets for that creativity. With the awesomeness of Pinterest general crafting has been taken to another level. Each of us have boards that are literally out of control. Filled top to bottom with all the things we want to do, see, build, wear and make it was time to turn the ideas into reality. There is a catch. Not everything on Pinterest works and sometimes they work better if you do them differently. These are our stories. From the “do,” list to the “done,” list these are just some of the projects that we finished. Whether they worked or not… well that’s definitely up to you!

Our Blog

The heartbeat of our website, our blog is full of tales from each of the Hunnewell women on all sorts of projects. Since each of us authors has varied interests there is something here for everyone. Watch us take our projects from do to done.

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Our Store

It’s not up and running yet but as we go through our projects there are some that are just so cool they must be shared. Keep an eye out. We anticipate launching our store this September filled with all our favorite pinterest projects! We are hoping to feature a very diverse store with everything from hand-made soaps to custom wedding invitations. So whether you decide to go our route and try the project we’ve tried or if you’d rather spare your kitchen from the soapy mess -we’ve got you covered. Well almost. Sign up for our newsletter and we’d be happy to email you when the store is up and running!