5 DIY Projects for our New Home.

A new home is a brand new canvas. When I walk into a space that (for the first time) I can literally do whatever I like, all I see are potential projects.

We’ve always lived in rentals. You can’t hang pictures, can’t paint walls, if you see inspiration for a great backsplash? Well, it’s not your house so even if your landlord says “sure!” you are doing the work for someone else’s home. This is our home now though.

There are a few necessities that are priorities. The floors in our new home are in not-so-great shape and there is a pretty good amount of carpeting. The countertops in the kitchen are probably the worst I’ve ever seen. These aren’t the most creative projects (I mean, I just pick what I like and it gets installed by elves… and by elves I mean my husband and whoever he bribes with beer) so I don’t really count them as my own DIY projects.

Oh but I do have such a long list of things I want to do. I have a Pinterest board that grows every week full of inspiration and excitement. I cannot do them all, at least not all at once but I thought I could pick 5 of my favorites and conquer one a week. You all will be the unwitting recipients of my five week goals.

Here is the line up!

Week 1: 
Hand paint a feature wall in the master bedroom.
Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 9.45.02 AM

I love this classic somewhat geometric pattern but most of all what I like is that because its gray on gray it’s more subtle. I Think I will hand paint a larger pattern using similar colors. Because this is going to be the simplest project (and the cheapest) it will be my first. You can find the original pin here.

Week 2:
Spice solutions and organization for the kitchen.
Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 9.55.47 AM

Parker and I are big on cooking at home. We love Cajun, Indian, Italian… everything and our spice cabinet is always out of control. I want them all visible and easy to access. I don’t want to have to rummage through the 40 plus spices to find that one that I need. I’ve seen these spice canisters at Ikea so I figure all I need are some magnets, some super-duper glue and some kind of metal somewhere near the stove. You can find the original pin here.

Week 3:
Reface the fireplace.
Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.06.24 AM

The fireplace in our home could be a great feature only right now it has brassy accents and a very tilted mantel. I love the gray on this fireplace but I’ll be looking to do the actual mantel with something more simple and very clean. You can find the original pin here.

Week 4:
Amp up the main entry stairs.
Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.14.54 AM

I’m ridiculously neutral so It’s unlikely I would ever do teal (as awesome as this looks) I’ll be doing this from dark gray to a very pale gray at the top. You can find the original pin here.

Week 5:
Hidden door to the basement.
Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.20.49 AM
We have this great new basement and I just think this would literally be one of the coolest things ever. It would give our space a speakeasy feel and since we are big on classic features and entertaining I think this would be such a fun thing to have. Since it’s the most complicated (and likely the most expensive) this project will be the final of the five. You can find the original pin here.

We are really very excited to make our new home our own, to start building memories (ha, and equity) to enjoy “settling down.” I hope you’ll follow me on these projects, I’ll be posting photos before & after, as well as step-by-steps with all the trials and tribulations in-between. Maybe I’ll even coerce my mom to help me out as well! My first project will post on the 20th, so keep an eye out.