Asian Cabbage Slaw

Original pin here.

This recipe is quickly becoming our family’s favorite. I originally found it when my husband confused Napa cabbage for the Romaine lettuce I had on the grocery list. I found this recipe and we’ve been happily together ever since.

This particular time when I made this, I did not bother with Napa cabbage, instead using a regular small white cabbage. That was okay, but I prefer the Napa. I also used cilantro instead of the green onions, mostly because I prefer them!

This version of the recipe calls for the Ramen, the almonds and the sesame seeds to be browned in a skillet with butter. I did this, however, in the past I’ve browned them in the oven and had a much better and less greasy result. Also the pieces were more uniformly browned using this method.

The amount of dressing this makes for the salad isn’t enough. I doubled all of the dressing ingredients to get the cabbage a proper soaking. If using the Napa cabbage, the original amount may be fine, just be aware that if you like a wetter salad, you may need to double.

Finally, I added a can of Mandarin Oranges I had in the cupboard to give it some color and to make it more appealing for a 6-year old. In the future, I will consider adding grilled chicken to this add make it a summertime meal.

Do you have anything to add to this? Can you make it better? Have you made it worse? Drop a comment below and let us know…