Book Review: When I Found You

Busy Moms sometimes don’t have the time that they would like for reading (or pretty much anything else!). When I stumbled into the Kindle Unlimited program, I found a solution that invites a little more fiction into my world. For $9.99 a month, I can select up to 10 books for my reading pleasure. The most important facet of my relationship with Kindle Unlimited is that they offer books with narration. The coolest feature about this is that the narration is in sync with what you are reading. If I start reading a story while standing in line at the DMV, I can get into my car and listen to the story where I left off! I travel a lot for work (think long car rides…no planes) and listening to a book is great company.

Most of the offerings of Kindle Unlimited are books that aren’t ordinarily best-sellers. I’ve run into some stinkers (Going Down, Becoming Working Class by Simon Sinclair), and I’ve run into some terrific offerings like “When I Found You”. Appropriate title since I feel that way about finding both Kindle Unlimited and this book!

The author Catherine Ryan Hyde is also the author of “Pay it Forward”, I did not realize this until I finished reading “When I Found You”. This is the story of two Nathans, the elder Nathan McCann finding Baby Nathan Bates, “Nat”, as a day-old infant in a mound of leaves on an October morning in 1960. We grow up with Nat, who is raised by his maternal grandmother. We witness the effect of lies in the interest of good intention.

As a troubled teenager, Nat Bates is dropped back into Nathan McCann’s life. The character of Nathan McCann is one who is patient beyond measure, his namesake, Nat, is the antithesis, impetuous, impulsive. You can see when trouble is coming for Nat, I actually groaned while reading this. Like in real life, you can see a fictional bad decision a mile a way (but why don’t we ever see it in ourselves?).

I really enjoyed these characters, I missed them when I finished the book. Catherine Ryan Hyde, I’ll be reading more of your stories in the near future. Thank you for your lovely story.