Vacation can be good for the body, if done right.

Last year I went on my first Caribbean vacation vis a vie a Carnival cruise ship. It was eight days of sunshine, snorkeling and delicious food mixed in with some campy cruise shows, late night dancing and some even later night made-to-order pizza.

IMG_1895 2

In the months prior to the cruise I busted my butt in the gym and participated in two biggest loser competitions– even winning one of them. As with most of my vacations, I expected to gain the obligatory handful of pounds back knowing that the word “no” would mysteriously slip from my vocabulary. I was surprised, however, when I mounted the scale after a few days of being home and realized I had actually shed a few pounds. Apparently vacation isn’t just good for the soul, but can be good for the bod if done right.


I’ll be honest, it’s a whole heck of a lot easier to lose weight when you’re on a Caribbean vacation than a trip to Europe (Read: Mmmmm Wiener schnitzel). Knowing all the fresh fish that was available, I went on the cruise vowing to return with mercury poisoning from all the fish I was about to consume. While I was perfectly healthy when I arrived home, I was able to eat some type of fish every single day– salmon and lox bagels, fish tacos, tuna steak, sushi, more fish tacos, etc and was in absolute pescatarian heaven.


This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the buffet, but I stuck to mostly veggies and fruit– except sampling the dessert bar at dinner and those late night mini-pizzas.

I have to say, my favorite food-related part of the trip (rivaling all of the non-food related activities– even snorkeling for the first time off of Isla Rotan) was room service. Seriously.

Room service is not something that has ever been in my or my family’s vocabulary… But when you’ve basically already paid for it on a cruise ship, you may go a little over board. Upon discovery of the room service cards my friend Bridget and I asked for one of everything. I went with the aforementioned salmon and lox, grapefruit, orange juice and a whole pot of coffee to myself. Every morning I basked in the glory of prepared food delivered right to my room and eating it in relative peace and quiet as my friend lightly snored through breakfast. It was the perfect way to start each day and would get me to my next fish indulgence.

The entire experience was one that left me rested, relaxed and ready to go back to both of my jobs, bills, responsibilities and prepare for a difficult move.

One year later… I was feeling more than a little burnt out and was in dire need of some r&r. Most of all, my mouth was watering for some vacay food luxuries. The only logical thing to do was to declare it a “Staycation Week” and make one meal a day that would help me pretend I was floating somewhere south of Athens– and what better way to find recipes than on Pinterest!

In the coming days I will detail the recipes I whipped up and share what this novice cook learned with each recipe. My stomach is rumbling just thinking about all the good eats… Time for breakfast!