Guest Chef Hollywood: Pineapple Cream Cheese Wantons

The original pin can be found here.

Not being a Pastry Chef I don’t dabble in too often in desserts but I do make the occasional cake and a
dessert in my professional life. I give my friends who are Pastry Chefs and
all pastry chefs the upmost respect because it’s a whole other world.


This recipe was really simple and I realized right off the back that I could play with this one easily. I added more fruits to this recipe because they usually play well off of each other. I added strawberries and mangos with when combined with pineapple creates a great tropical feel. I put mango in the pineapple mix and created a strawberry drizzle to put on top of the wontons. These turned out really good, I actually might offer them as a dessert or snake in my own business in the future with some
upgrades like chocolate sauce or caramel.


This kind of recipe can be utilized all year round as
well, which is great because it’s hard to find things you can enjoy and repurpose all year round.