How to host a Bollywood Party

Since we are still in the middle of the move and our new home projects aren’t supposed to start until later this week I thought I’d post something fun here, an event we hosted in September for my sister’s [Amy] birthday.

By far this has been my favorite event ever and we are definitely going to be repeating it this year just because it was so much fun. Our little town home was nice and crowded, there was plenty of food, dancing and fun.

Let’s start with the awesomeness of the invites which I designed myself. I used a henna style image from a stock image site and used a nice fun font. I’m terrible at actually getting things in the mail but a few people did get the invites, everyone else RSVP’d via Facebook.

Bollywood InvitesBollywood Invites 2

Next the decorations were pretty amazing. I had lots of help, my sisters both really took part and while we were a little rushed in the end, the decorations were fun and helped make the house a little more colorful.

Bollywood Decor 7 Bollywood Decor


We made henna inspired “artwork” out of poster board, I drew it out in pencil and Emma got to fill it in with one of those giant Sharpies (you know, the ones where you look at them and think, “when would anyone ever NEED that?”)

Bollywood Decor 2Bollywood Decor 4

We put together a photo booth. Originally, as much as I wanted to do this I was afraid it would be pretty silly. It was a relatively small party and I didn’t know if anyone would even use it BUT we did it anyway and it was a hit, so in the end I have hundreds of photos of our close friends and family just because we set that up. Now the background of the photo booth did not turn out how we were hoping BUT we had fun with it anyway. Here’s how it turned out (also if you decide to make “word bubbles” for yourself be sure to leave some blank, in the end they wound up being some of the funnies we had and were really just a lot of fun!):

Bollywood Decor 3Bollywood Decor 6

We also had some really fantastic henna designs by DesiStyles our friend, Amrin is a fantastic artist. I met her a while back where she did work at a wedding and we hit it off, we got along so well I couldn’t wait to have her at our party! She was nice enough to join in the fun with some artwork for us girls.

desi styles

Oh and did you notice all of the gorgeous sarees? They put the party over the edge. We all looked like a rainbow 🙂 having all the fun colors and outfits made the night. We had a lot of friends loan us some things for the event, I happen to have a few of my own but it was a stroke of luck that we had connections so we could all dress up.

We had some “fresh from mom’s kitchen” biryani, lots of mini samosas which I made myself with filo dough and other little snacks. We opened up the living room for room for dancing and my favorite DJ and good friend Sid (he usually DJs in clubs here in Atlanta) who handled all the music. He mixed in great Bollywood favorites with a few top hits and our “dance floor” was packed and fun. Sid is giving me a playlist of Bollywood hits we played that evening so you can hop on Itunes and make your own if you decide to have a party of your own.

Over all the night was so much fun and the projects really made the party something special. If you get the chance, host one of your own. It was absolutely unforgettable.


Bollywood Photo Booth