Hunnedo and No Poo. Two weeks without washing my hair.

Recently, I’ve come across many different articles and posts about the “No Poo” movement. It basically challenges our views about using shampoos and conditioners as often as we do. As a side note, I was a hair stylist since 1994, and have recommended and sold many bottles of the stuff.

I have long hair. I decided to grow it out a few years ago for the first time in my life. My long hair has proved to be easier to style than when I kept it short. No time? Pony tail or braid works so well.

Unfortunately, I found that my hair would be positively dreadlocked some days and would take copious amounts of time to comb through some epic knots. Then I discovered the “No Poo” method. In short, instead of daily, weekly or monthly shampooing, you get your head wet and your own natural oils act as a conditioner for the ends. When you need a little extra cleansing, you use a baking soda a water mixture with an apple cider vinegar rinse. The hardest part is detoxing your scalp from the chemical stimulation that it is used to, so expect some greasy roots to begin.

The Pin that started all of this

My first week of shampoo free living was just fine, but my ends still seemed quite knotty still. Week two brought out a disgusting, greasy looking scalp. Fortunately, I wear a ball cap for work, so only the people at home were forced to view the grease. It was time for the baking soda and vinegar cleansing.

I mixed one Tablespoon of baking soda with water in a Red Solo Cup and another with one Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, water, and a couple of drops of essential oil. I found it strange to work the baking soda mixture through my hair without the usual lather. After all of it, I rinsed out the vinegar mixture and was pleasantly surprised to find that only the scent of the essential oil lingered.

The result? Hair I can comb through without the gross, greasy scalp. I am ready to chuck my collection of hair products and give this a good, long go.

Have you tried to lose the Poo? Comment and let us know your results.