the mom.
As the mother of four children, three of them adults, Marti as completed her fair share of projects. Her experience as a mom paired with a love for the arts, reading and cooking give Marti a perspective that is all her own. Learn more about Marti by reader her blogs on Hunnedo here.


the oldest.
Amy has the best attributes of the eldest daughter. Responsible and nurturing, she keep all of the hunnedo women moving forward with plenty of encouragement and willingness to help. She’s also an expert at picking a great recipe on Pinterest. Find out more about Amy by reading her blogs here.


the middle.
A consummate do-it-yourselfer, Sara uses her love for crafting in general as a way to stay thrifty. If you are looking for a DIY that will keep you in budget, be sure to check out Sara’s blogs here.


the little.
Our family’s favorite photographer with a love for bees (destiny, surely) and an appreciation for┬ámaking old things her favorite things, Emma has an eye for antiques and special gifts for everyone. Learn more about her by reading her posts here.