Pebble Art. A Pinterest Project for the Tiniest of Canvases

Yesterday I toyed with pebble painting, a craft which I figured would go great as a part of a summer gift. After breaking out my supplies, acrylic paints, brushes, sharpies, and paint markers, I quickly realized that this was going to be more difficult than I had previously thought.

I began by coating the pebbles I wanted to color in an acrylic paint. This requires that you paint one side first and then let dry before you can do the other. I found that a spongy brush works best in coating the rocks without leaving streaks. Once you have coated both sides of your rock twice you can begin with the details. I played with two main ideas I found on Pinterest.


After two hours I was left with four pebbles that looked okay, and three misfits (not pictured). An ultra fine sharpie and a paintbrush the size of a thumbtack proved to be the most useful in recreating this craft. I’m not sure how the original pinners created such detail, but I suspect witchcraft was involved.


Like the final product? Did you do this craft and have better results? Let me know below!