Yearly Crafty Greatness. The Easter Egg.

It’s warming up outside, my husband’s face is turning red and swelling from pollen. Spring is literally in the air. With spring comes Easter and one of my favorite yearly projects, decorating eggs.

Only this year since all of my awesome crafty things are boxed up due to an impending move, I’m going to miss out on my favorite project of the year. I don’t love hollowing out the dozen eggs… that part isn’t fun and frankly it’s just kind of gross. I do love deciding how I’m going to decorate each egg. Each year it’s a little different and every year each egg is a tiny canvas.

So since my eggs are likely to be basic boiled and dropped in food color this time around, I’m going to look back on the last few years off eggs and dream of next year’s batch. Maybe I’ll inspire you to have a little extra joy in your egg making this year.


I make my eggs for specific people, I try to inject a little of their personality into it. The one above was for my mother-in-law last year, she’s an elegant southern lady which I tried to capture in this sweet little egg. 🙂 The egg was hollowed, I used a silver acrylic paint pen and Swarovski crystal and glass beads in a lace pattern.

eggs 4

This one was for a cousin and good friend, Amanda. She actually has a painting similar in her home that I adore and I wanted to capture all the bright colors. If I was more fun and brave I think my house would look more like hers. She’s basically fearless, which is awesome. This egg was made with permanent markers and a really excellent ink bleeding pen. Warning to those who decide to try this, They don’t dry properly so you’ll need to use a spray on sealant or they’ll smudge relentlessly. (a clear spray paint will do the trick)

eggs 5

I’m pretty sure my mother in law is the only one who’s gotten multiple eggs. She’s easy to paint for & I love her style (the inspiration behind this egg actually came from the feathers in her Christmas tree). This one was made two years ago, once again it was pen & permanent marker.


Yes, it’s a pit bull. My sister in law Olivia loves her sweet dog. Olivia makes me think of tie dye, old school hippies and fun. This egg was an ink pen, inspired by a tattoo design.


These were some of the first eggs I ever did (yeah camera phone photos weren’t so good then. Pixilated mess.) They were the beginning of my little obsession. I used good ol’ food coloring and an ink pen. I actually brought some of these to the restaurant that I worked at to decorate with (and help spread some of that Easter joy to the rest of the staff)  guests stole them from the decorative basket. I’d have been flattered if I hadn’t been so irritated that they stole eggs that were meant for my family.

I hope this year whether it’s just you doing eggs or if you have your entire family around you that you enjoy the fun of it. If you weren’t planning on decorating eggs, I hope you do. You might find that it makes Easter that much more special for you and your loved ones.